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Astrology For Your Soul's Growth

You are whole. You are complete. You are a Soul composed of Divine energy with a wealth of resources, wisdom and peace. You have everything you need.

Yet you chose to hold specific energetic signatures in this life. A Divine fingerprint of energy, if you will, with a unique purpose, magical creativity, inspiring gifts, unlimited potentials, and numerous opportunities for growth.

Astrologically, we know this energy as our Sun Sign ("I’m a Gemini/Scorpio/Leo!”) because the Sun is warmth, vitality, illumination, and growth. The Sun is Light.

Your Sun sign is your astrological Light. It is your main source of energy – and yet it’s just the beginning. We each have all 12 astrological energies within us expressing themselves through different areas of our lives and various forms of energy.

My guiding philosophy is that astrology is a journey of Light starting with the collective consciousness of Pisces, birthing into the pioneering spark of Aries, and continuing on through each of the zodiac signs until a full circle is made back to Pisces.

Read about the full astrological journey of Light below, or scroll down to your Sun sign:

Conscious Aries Energy: I LEAD

From the collectiveness of Pisces emerges the Soul’s desire to experience itself in human form. Aries is born as an initiator to kick-start the journey of physical Light with enthusiasm, initiative, motivation, and leadership. Charged with the ability to begin a new task, Aries will lead the pack on the road to self-discovery and assert themselves as a pioneer discovering new terrain.

The Light of Aries shines brightly when actions are taken to honor, respect, and guide All with the highest of intentions for their personal awareness and growth. Aries shows us where to lead with fresh energy and where we must honor our relationship with Self.

Mantra for Aries: I AM courageous with my spark, inspirations, and human will. I lead with my self-awareness for the benefit of All.

Conscious Taurus Energy: I VALUE

Taurus carries the torch of Light by following Aries energy with the determination to bring valuable initiations into form. Taurus is gifted as a practical and patient builder. This astrological sign asks us to look at what is important, what holds true value, what is tangible – and what is merely another pretty possession?

Ruled by Venus, the themes of self-worth, values, humility and harmony are central issues the Light of Taurus shines and shares with the world. Taurus shows us where to stabilize ourselves in order to keep life simple and beautiful.

Mantra for Taurus: I AM valuable as a practical source of Light. I take inspiration and build them into form to create harmony, beauty and peaceful existence to prosper All.

Conscious Gemini Energy: I THINK

After establishing what is valuable through the energy of Taurus, Gemini then shares those ideas through communications and local connections. The Light of Gemini is a communicator who relates through mental capabilities, quick wit, and rationale. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a curious messenger who enjoys socializing with neighbors and siblings while finding joy in daily activities and language.

Gemini shows us our mental capabilities, the dualities within, and how we communicate with ourselves.

Mantra for Gemini: I AM a communicator who shares my strong mental abilities and perpetual curiosity with All in my daily world. I offer opportunities to relate with a common language.

Conscious Cancer Energy: I FEEL

Cancer follows the Light of Gemini by asking us to retreat from daily life and enjoy a secure foundation that nurtures the inner life of emotions. Cancer is focused on making a solid home base for ourselves and returning to a safe sanctuary after experiencing the external world. The Light of Cancer offers a space to feel, to nurture, and to relate with others through the full expression of our emotional faculties.

Cancer brings out our mothering archetype, our emotional needs, and reveals where we go to feel protected. Ruled by the daily movements of the Moon, this astrological sign will be there through the ebb and flow of life’s changing tides. 

Mantra for Cancer: I AM a nurturing Light that supplies loving care to All in my embrace. I provide a secure foundation to carry within no matter where life takes me.

Conscious Leo Energy: I CREATE

The Light of Leo pushes us to takes the inner security of Cancer to the stage! The courageous lion asks us to shine our talents, our creativity, and our wisdom proudly. Leo loves to take a chance on Love and follows the risk-taking spirit to gamble on life. The Light of Leo warms the heart with possibilities and encourages us to unleash all natural talents.

Ruled by the power of the Sun, Leo shows us where we are royal, ambitious, and a Divine expression of beautiful talents.

Mantra for Leo: I AM a creative Light here to shine with Love and share my talents. I honor myself as a reflection of others. I take chances with the intention of bringing joy to All.

Conscious Virgo Energy: I SERVE

After a Leo Light performance, we turn to the Virgo Light that evaluates the full harvest with practical feedback. Virgo brings the gifts of analysis and healing energy so we can improve and grow through our experiences. The intention of serving All is a Virgo guiding philosophy filled with tangible components. The Light of Virgo will judiciously organize details, enable daily routines, and promote health-conscious living so we can serve ourselves in the best possible way.

Ruled by Chiron, Virgo shows us where we may be carrying silent wounds and offers the grounding Love to heal fully and completely.

Mantra for Virgo: I AM serving with Divine Light from my heart. I bring awareness around systems, habits, and areas of potential growth with the intent to benefit All.

Conscious Libra Energy: I BALANCE

The perfection of Light of Virgo provides an opening for Libra Light to merge with another and gracefully balance energies. Libra begins the external process of relating and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships. Justice, beauty, art and intellectual stimulation guides the ability to cooperate with All. The Light of Libra offers support for joint pursuits and common happiness while keeping an eye on how both parties are being served in a situation.

Ruled by Venus, Libra shines in all diplomatic pursuits to remind us that we are All connected and we need stable balance in the Universe.

Mantra for Libra: I AM balancing the energies of You and Me as we dance together in new harmony. I relate to you as I relate to myself.

Conscious Scorpio Energy: I TRANSFORM

Leaving Libra for the Light of Scorpio reveals the depths of the human psyche and the ability to go beyond what the eyes can see. Scorpio dives deep into the unknown with the goal of discovering greater authenticity and truth. Scorpion Light is resourceful and passionate, motivated by the urge to live with honesty at any cost and explore the full extent of emotional experiences.

Ruled by Pluto, the Light of Scorpio has a ruling desire to bond sexually, emotionally, financially and powerfully with others. There is nothing to fear because every death is an opportunity for rebirth.

Mantra for Scorpio: I AM transforming the best of you with the best of me to create a more powerful co-existence for us. I dive into the depths of life and bring gold up from the darkest corners of the Universe.

Conscious Sagittarius Energy: I BELIEVE

Upon the re-birth of Scorpion Light, Sagittarius sets out on a voyage to explore the philosophies, beliefs, teachings, and cultures of foreign lands. The Light of discovery leads the Sagittarian adventurer to higher understandings for the grand benefit of All. There is a higher perspective to every situation and a Divine presence within us All.

Ruled by Jupiter, a Sag native will optimistically search for meaning, morality, ethics and rewards with an unwavering faith in themselves. When the teacher is ready to share their wisdom, the students will appear.

Mantra for Sagittarius: I AM a traveler of the Universe searching for grand philosophies and Divine explanations.  I share my wisdom with the world and then continue on to higher levels of consciousness with joy.

Conscious Capricorn Energy: I ACHIEVE

The buoyant spirit of Sagittarius leads to the focused Light of Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, commitments and goals are made to be achieved through continual efforts. Capricorn’s Light is inspired by the fruits of one’s labor and the steadfast determination to be an expert in the world. Accomplishing, leading, and governing are motivational daily forces to adhere to on the path of personal dignity and integrity.

Capricorn reminds us that we carry an inner mastery and innate authority in the world. There is much work to be done, but it is intended to benefit All.

Mantra for Capricorn: I AM an achiever who willingly works within structure for my mastery. I accomplish much through my focused hard work and I show others how to be an authority of Self.

Conscious Aquarius Energy: I INVENT

Capricorn’s committed efforts bring us to the Light of Aquarian genius. After achieving in the world, we turn our energy towards humanitarian and technological pursuits that touch everyone and fuel new possibilities. Detached Aquarians offer solutions for innovation, originality, and freedom with the intention of lifting humanity to higher experiences. The Light of Aquarius shines brightly on inventions that will benefit the masses while maintaining an individual flair.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is the Light of origination and chaotic invention that leads to new frontiers and exciting approaches to modern life.

Mantra for Aquarius: I AM an inventor of new systems and innovative approaches. I observe with a detached eye in order to create a new form to benefit All.

Conscious Pisces Energy: I UNITE

The Light of Pisces transcends the physical world and rises above the constraints of form into a higher expression of Love. This is where the crown chakra vibrates with clarity, and imagination hums with grace, knowing that All is Well and all is Divine. Pisces shows us the grand connection of our energy as it culminates together into one ambiguous source.

Pisces will emote Love for all and then swim away to the safety of a hidden cave or secret passageway. Ruled by Neptune, it is a mystical sign that cannot be held, captured or constrained. It requires the ability to just Be. Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in the universal waters of Love. Their duality represents the Higher Mind and the Ego Mind; the Spirit and Physical elements; the continual flow between inner and outer worlds, and the never-ending cycle of unity consciousness.

Mantra for Pisces: I AM my energy, your energy, our energy. I AM a reminder of All that Is because my Light shines the path on humanity with compassion, peace, creativity, and beauty.

We now turn to the united consciousness of Pisces that reminds us we are all One. We are connected energetically like every ocean on the planet meets and overlaps with waves - no boundaries, no form, no restrictions. A completion of energy has occurred, and yet at the same time, a new beginning is just about to burst through the surface with the next Divine spark of energy that surges through your Being.

The 3 most important energies in your astrology chart are your sun, moon and ascendant. 

"It's amazing you could see all that you saw in my chart. And you saw so much! I resonated with all of it! and I'm going to have to listen a few more times!!" ~ A.J.

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As an Intuitive Astrologer, I combine messages from Spirit, visions, sensations, cosmic messages, and whatever else is ready to come through as we discuss the astrology of right now.

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