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Weekly Updates

It's not just you.

We all feel the cosmic energies as they move through different cycles and planetary signs. Read on below for more insights about the current energies.  

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Venus Retrograde Special ~ Weekly Healing Astrology Energies

Posted on September 10, 2018 at 5:40 PM

Feminine energies are being called to go within as Venus will station direct at 10 degrees Scorpio on October 5, and begin her retrograde journey to look at where she is withholding love to herself and others.

Venus rules receiving love, feeling worthy, relationships with women, financial arrangements, and how one honors their feminine expression. Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio (meaning, she's not very nice and not very comfortable), so there is shadow energy, shame and emotional traumas to heal and honor within each of us.

Venus in Scorpio RX themes mean we are ready to meet our inner saboteur, inner mean girl, inner place of powerlessness, (or any disguises she attempts to conceal) and eventually love this part of yourself back up to a place of unconditional love. But first, we enter the cave...


Venus stations direct on November 16 at 25 degrees Libra. She will clear her shadow on December 19, 2018 when she moves to 11 degrees Scorpio and then finally leave Scorpio on January 7, 2019, so her passage through the underworld will encompass nearly 4 months of emotional healing.

Listen to this week's healing astrology podcast for more guidance on how to work with this energy in yourself. 

Or catch it on YouTube right here. 

Soul Message From Saturn

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 6:10 PM

Saturns says, If you want something, you need to work hard for it. #astrology Discipline, focus, challenges, setbacks, determination, solitude, responsibility are key - which only lead to greater self-respect, achievement, recognition, and rewards. Wherever Saturn shows up in your astrology chart is where you must exert more of your mature self and not take any shortcuts - or else you'll see the consequences of those choices.

Saturn gets a bad rap at times because he is the stern Taskmaster and Authority figure that doesn't put up with whining, crying, or emotions. Instead, we must connect with the values of structure as support systems for what we want to build and achieve. Rome was not built in a day - and that is why it has remained the Eternal City.

Your hard work will always pay off under Saturn's watch, so stay the course and remain motivated on the long-term objectives. The rewards will be there for work well done.

Weekly Intuitive Astrology And Energies

Posted on August 29, 2018 at 8:20 PM

The Pisces Full Moon brought energies of completion and removed another layer that would have only weighed you down on the path ahead. Are you ready to truly commit to who you are right now after the big summer we had?

It’s ok to feel grief as we release and it's necessary in order to honor your true form. We only have so much energy and we have to choose to put it where we are most powerful. Be loving and kind to yourself to avoid victimhood, blame or self-pity. You are in control of the physical domain of your life.

In Monday’s healing astrology show, we talk about the energies of self-sabotage when big changes are underway, and the necessity of consciously choosing what you want next with greater trust that the Universe/God/Spirit/Source will meet you in that same energy field.

Ground yourself in who you are now, and take the necessary steps forward that remove your old fears and doubts. A whole new chapter is underway!

In Wednesday’s show I discuss how the road ahead is becoming clearer! The Sun in Virgo asks us to organize, prioritize, and get all of our duckies in a row. Right on time for back to school and back to desk routines as the summer comes to an end.

Saturn in Capricorn stations direct on September 6 at 2 degrees, so this influence is strong as we have to get real and serious about what we really want to accomplish over the next 2 years. A part of your life has been going through a deep review so you can be in alignment with your long-term goals.

Adding Uranus in Taurus at 2 degrees trining Saturn can bring inspiration to the mix. Saturn in Capricorn requires us to put in the work and yet that is also what will give you the clarity. Know that the sun in Virgo is also supporting this process. It’s time to hone in on how we invest our time and energy on a daily basis. More to share in this week's show!

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Thank you for reading, listening, watching and being a part of this community! I appreciate all of your high vibes and what you have contributed to my new YT channel!

Many blessings~

~ Molly

Significant Astrology Transits In Your Lifetime

Posted on August 25, 2018 at 9:20 AM

If you're between the ages of 7 and 84, then this new 6-video series is perfect for you.

I have created for you a teaching series about the significant astrology transits we experience through each decade of our lives. Oh yes, that's right - you can see what is happening on the road ahead as well as what transpired in the past - and make new connections to what you are learning in this lifetime.

For example, you may know about the Saturn Return that happens between 28 to 30 years of age, but there are significant transits in the early to mid-twenties that are meant to develop responsibility, your sense of self, and a deeper understanding of what is possible in your life - even if it can be very hard at times. 

Check out all 6 videos in this series as I cover the main astrology transits that we all go through, and perhaps you'll gain a higher perspective on what is unfolding for you right now. 

Start watching here

Pisces Full Moon on August 26

Posted on August 24, 2018 at 8:15 AM

The Full Moon on August 26 at 3 degrees Pisces is a time of completion and release as your Higher Self urges you to let go of the energies you no longer need going forward...

And a stabilizing Earth Grand Trine supplies the resources, plans and long-term goals that you are ready to begin next.  Relationship tension may come up, but you have an opportunity to see how your soul contracts have been fulfilled.

A lot to share to with you in this lunation as the time to complete a chapter is clear and the next steps will arrive in due time - they are already forming in the higher realms.

Watch the energies of this video right here

Soul Message From Neptune

Posted on August 19, 2018 at 2:20 PM

Neptune is associated with spiritual growth, #meditation, #forgiveness, letting go, release of egoic needs, and trusting the bigger picture.

We are reminded that everything has a spiritual purpose if we are able to rise above and look at what we are growing. At times in our lives, we must simply allow, surrender, and go with the flow. Our Ego or desire to act is no match for the bigger picture and themes that are underway.

However, Neptune can also be expressed through the lower expressions of escapism, denial, self-pity, victimhood, lack of faith, and a deep sense of being separate from everything and everyone.

We are guided to look at how everything changes and transform into different aspects of energy, so do not hold on too tightly to anything - including your self-identity. If you can simply come back to trusting the movement of life, you will be guided forward in loving ways.

Mercury Stations Direct

Posted on August 18, 2018 at 8:55 AM

Mercury stations direct this weekend - bring on the fresh insights and right next steps! Mercury will station direct - basically stops in its tracks - on August 18 at 11 degrees Leo and makes a lovely sextile to Venus in Libra at 11 degrees. You may feel that something finally CLICKS and you know the words to say, the ideas to express, or the solution becomes clear.

Mercury and Venus working together is harmony and flow for problem solving, as well as in relationships and conversations. And we can use that right about now to soften the hard Capricorn edges (Mars, Saturn, Capricorn) or feeling like we have to do it all on our own. If there has been too much in your head, talk it out with your friends and ladies (Venus in Libra) - be there for each other and everyone will feel supported.

Mercury in Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is at 25-26 degrees Leo, and giving us strength in identifying what we need. Be clear within yourself about what supports you, makes you stronger, and adds to your sense of confidence. Leo is asking that you connect with the light within you first - it's essential to recognize your needs and who you are before you can expect anyone else to do the same.

When the Sun enters Virgo on August 24, Mercury's energy will shift, too, since it will still be ruled by the Sun. Mercury will then focus on the details, decision-making, and fine-tuning what can be useful. The Sun in Virgo doesn't want drama, big words, or too much willpower... now it's about how you can be purposeful and discerning in Mercurial needs.

Mercury will clear its retrograde shadow on September 3rd when it passes Leo 23 degrees again. We're still in a review period until then, and it could be a tad slow, but momentum is gathering and pieces are coming together.

On a personal note, I woke up this morning seeing a solution I needed months ago. I literally had a "DUH, this was so obvious" moment, but I also see the benefit of what has become clear in the process.

We'll feel even more relief and momentum when Mars stations direct on August 27 at 28 degrees Capricorn. The energy to move ahead, as well as what direct to go, will be in alignment with new long-term goals. You may even feel it in your body, ruled by Mars, and re-commit to a physical goal. Mars retrograde has been re-aligning masculine energies within all of us - how we assert ourselves and what we externally go for in the world. 

Clarity is happening. Tensions are releasing. The intensity of the summer will be easing up even more as we move into September. The days have felt long, but the months have felt very fast - go figure.

If you're interested, here's a heads up on the Pisces Full Moon on August 26th as a new level of surrender sets us free. Watch this teaching video here.

May you enjoy the middle of August as eclipse energies continue to smooth out and urge us forward.

Onwards and upwards!

Astrology Houses: Angular, Succedent, Cadent

Posted on August 17, 2018 at 8:00 PM

The 12 astrological houses are broken down into four quadrants, and within those four quadrants, each set of three houses are further defined: angular, succedent, and cadent houses.

Angular houses are the strongest energies and planets within those houses are also strong in a chart.

In this video, I explain these three descriptions even more so you can understand the hierarchy of energies in a chart.

Check it out here.

Weekly Intuitive Astrology Podcast

Posted on August 16, 2018 at 3:40 AM
Feeling tension between your masculine and feminine energies right about now?

We have an interesting mix of energies in Leo (Sun, Mercury, North Node) and Capricorn (Mars, Saturn, Pluto), creating what is called a Quincunx, or Inconjunct, between the two astrological signs.

After the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11, there may be discomforts around what you are moving towards and how you are growing through this current cycle, but the energy will relax by the end of August.

Until then, I'll share with you insights for moving through this active soul growth period by honoring both Leo and Capricorn's needs. (Hint: Follow the feminine energies for true soul growth!)


In the previous Monday show, I shared more about spiritual maturity and the necessity of it as we begin a significant new adventure.

Weekly Intuitive Astrology And Energies

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 11:25 AM

Here we are with another week of big energies! In Monday’s healing show, I discuss new possibilities that will be coming in strong after the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Saturday. It’s important to remember that it is our responsibility to remove any lower energies centered in feeling powerless. We have experiences of powerlessness that temporarily take us away from our power so we can return to that pristine energy field with higher spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

I discuss how we are collectively using the energies of the 8/8 gateway to spin away lower ego energies (yours or any that are connected with you) and spiral our inner worlds UP to greater levels of forgiveness, compassion, and healing for everyone involved.

In the Wednesday astrology show, I discuss the approaching powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Leo on August 11th. This eclipse brings in new downloads of SOULAR energies for a fresh new cycle in your levels of confidence.

Just days after the 8/8 gateway, we are opening up to new potentials and possibilities that were not previously available. Are you feeling it this week?

Venus entered Libra on August 6 so we can feel ready to share and socialize a bit more. Uranus in Taurus stationed retrograde on August 7th which may have caused disruptions and tensions. Keep clearing out what you no longer want to hold in your energy field because a new cycle picks up speed as we move into next week.

Wednesday's show on YouTube is here.

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