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Weekly Updates

Weekly Intuitive Astrology And Energies

Posted on October 10, 2018 at 8:45 PM

Healing happens in cycles, and this current cycle focuses on Feminine energies continuing to flow along with strength and trust in the long-term path. The New Moon in Libra a few days ago may have revealed where you said YES when you wanted to say NO, or how you have overextended to keep the peace. Tension is also a catalyst for new potentials. Allow whatever you may be feeling that is uncomfortable or unclear to be honored so you can continue on your path as this grand cycle unfolds.

More to share with you here in Monday's podcast.

Rumblings, mystery, secrets, what's going on?! It can feel like something is happening under the surface with 3 planets now in Scorpio (Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury), and you may be feeling energetic disturbances in the ethers...yet ultimately the changes are unfolding in a way that protects your energy field. The Sun in Libra wants calm, but there are transformative energies moving through the collective.

October is a good month to listen to yourself and what you say in your inner dialogue as relationships, finances, and self-love issues take center stage. Focus on peace, harmony, and gratitude within yourself with deeper intentions. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter all continue moving forward this month, which loosens up any areas of stagnation or where slow energy has felt draining since this past summer.

Hopefully Wednesday's podcast validates what you've been feeling or experiencing as we move through the middle of October.

Listen right here.

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