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April 5 Aries New Moon

Posted on March 29, 2019 at 6:45 PM

The Aries New Moon at 15 degrees on April 5th is a time of fearlessly loving who you are now and allowing more of your energy to mature and expand over the next two weeks. It is an excellent time for planning your next dream, while realistically allowing changes and a deeper transformation to occur.

This new start will look and feel differently in two weeks as both the Moon and Sun in Aries meet up through a square with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, reminding you that we have to work for what we really want.

The ruler of this new moon is Mars. Mars in Gemini is very busy with a lot of plans, projects, and ideas that can feel either invigorating or scattered. Don't get mentally ahead of yourself, but stay open to new solutions that were not obvious before.

Three planets in Pisces are continuing the journey of letting go and asking us to remember the higher purpose of this wild journey we call Life. Mercury is still conjunct Neptune and in the shadow energy of his retrograde, so you still may have more questions then answers at this time.

Listen to what feels right. Trust what inspires you. April is a time of openings and new possibilities.

Watch more about these energies right here on YouTube.

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