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Soul Message From Saturn

Posted on November 8, 2019 at 5:10 PM

Saturns says, If you want something, you need to work hard for it. #astrology Discipline, focus, challenges, setbacks, determination, solitude, responsibility are key - which only lead to greater self-respect, achievement, recognition, and rewards. Wherever Saturn shows up in your astrology chart is where you must exert more of your mature self and not take any shortcuts - or else you'll see the consequences of those choices.

Saturn gets a bad rap at times because he is the stern Taskmaster and Authority figure that doesn't put up with whining, crying, or emotions. Instead, we must connect with the values of structure as support systems for what we want to build and achieve. Rome was not built in a day - and that is why it has remained the Eternal City.

Your hard work will always pay off under Saturn's watch, so stay the course and remain motivated on the long-term objectives. The rewards will be there for work well done.

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