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Jupiter in Sagittarius: Big Dreams, Bigger Faith

Posted on August 2, 2019 at 6:45 AM

Jupiter transited into Sagittarius in November and the lights came back on! Faith returns and Divine Timing comes in at full force as Jupiter voyages home and expands what you want the most.

Jupiter AMPLIFIES - even to a fault - so now is the time to be clear in what your driving intentions are and what you want to create next. Look at where Sagittarius energy is in your natal astrology chart for where the abundance and expansion is arriving. Watch out for excess, exaggeration, big lies, and going too far though...SOME boundaries and restraint will be required.

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 9, 2018 for the first time in 12 years, and will be a significant energy shift from the deep-dive of Jupiter in Scorpio. I'll explain why this Jupiter in Sag cycle will be very different from the last one in 2006 and 2007, including the rise of collective consciousness energies as Jupiter traverses the Galactic Center in 2019.

Jupiter voyages to 24 degrees Sag, where it stations retrograde on April 11, and travels back to 14 degrees until August 12, 2019.

Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019.

Last Jupiter in Sag cycle:

November 9 2006 to December 18 2007

Pluto in Sagittarius:

November 11, 1995 to November 25, 2008

Saturn in Sagittarius:

December 24 2014 to December 20, 2017

May this help RISE you up to your next adventure!

Listen on YouTube right here.

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