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July 31 Leo New Moon ~ New Energy Waves Swirl In, Stay Open To Your Higher Emerging Light

Posted on July 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars are all in Leo on the July 31 New Moon, providing strength for new beginnings and a fresh connection to your creative light after the last two eclipses. Leo energy is strong now and you may feel clarity around where to direct your power because the answers reside in your solar plexus and heart's desires. Look in your chart for where 8/9 degrees Leo resides, as the house placement is where you are receiving solar strength for your new intentions.

Mercury stations retrograde on July 31 at 23 degrees Cancer, returning to what he was thinking about in late June when he was at the same point. Mercury's shadow zone lasts until the middle of August, so give yourself time to shift through the realignment of feminine (Cancer) and masculine (Leo) needs.

The biggest news in the chart is Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus squaring the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo. Uranus shakes up what each of these planets wants, so there could be little "terra firma" during this New Moon. These same planets are also receiving a support trine from Chiron in Aries, which returns you to understanding more about who you are now, and to own your emerging self-identity confidently.

More to share in the video right here. 

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