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Regenerating Into New Soul Cycles ~ Astrology Healing Themes Into 2020

Posted on October 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

We are reaching a point of mastery as the eclipse energies require us to honor intense soul lessons and renew our belief in ourselves going forward. A powerful time period is underway in the collective as we deeply transform at a personal level into more of our innate soul energies.

The strong Capricorn energies are showing us where we need to take responsibility for ourselves (chin up, spine straight) and the Cancer energies are reminding us to stay soft with ourselves through the process. Neptune in Pisces is a blast of Divine energy reminding you to look up for the spiritual meaning and healing potentials.

Soul contracts and karmic lessons are ending now, and we are being propelled into new directions for soul growth. Stay the course and stay strong. More to share in this healing podcast.

Listen right here. 

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