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August 15 Aquarius Full Moon ~ Tapping Into Quantum Potentials

Posted on August 11, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Strong Leo energy continues through the middle of August as the Sun travels with Venus and amplifies the courage needed to create the life you want and to be yourself with renewed confidence. Then the Aquarius Full Moon at 22 degrees on August 15 provides a stepping away from the egoic Self to see the bigger cosmic picture with detachment.

The Moon in Aquarius elevates us up and out into new quantum potentials and the higher perspective of possibilities that exist, even when we can't see them in a tangible form. This Full Moon is an opportunity to integrate what is right for you with what is right for humanity, and to ensure you are connecting your light to what is best for All. Don't be too locked into a particular outcome. Go beyond what is visible right now and open up to more.

The Sun and Venus in Leo are experiencing a quincunx with Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn after moving through a quincunx with Neptune at 17 degrees Pisces on August 10. The Leo will and desire to create on your own terms is being subjugated to bigger Universal energies that require you to rise above self-interest (Leo) and connect with powerful evolutionary changes (Pluto and Neptune) as the collective journey unfolds.

Mercury in Leo is now out of its retrograde shadow period and approaching an electrifying square to Uranus in Taurus, which shakes up what we thought something "had" to look like, or how it needed to be said. Uranus jolts the mind into a higher understanding of what you want, but it can also show up as unexpected communications, breakthroughs, issues with technology, and anything that Mercury rules (travel, words, ideas, projects, siblings, vehicles, etc).


May this dynamic Aquarius Full Moon bring you exactly the breakthroughs and higher understanding that you're ready to feel at a soul level.

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