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August 30 Virgo New Moon ~ Crystallizing Your Soul Mission With Renewed Focus

Posted on August 27, 2019 at 8:00 PM

This powerful Virgo New Moon at 7 degrees means it is time to crystallize your creative intentions and take action as you prioritize your soul mission in the physical world - NOW. The Sun and Moon are receiving powerful support from a Mars conjunction, which provides energy and desire to do the necessary work. The trine from Uranus in Taurus adds pizzazz and excitement into what you are growing, as well as opening new doorways where before there could have been walls.

All 5 planets in Virgo (Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mars, and Venus) are creating a rare stellium, which is a strong focal point of energy in one astrological sign. Virgo is now bringing us back to the tasks at hand that need our attention, time, and effort. You may be looking at what needs to improve, change, or shift in the Virgo areas of your chart, as well as feeling a renewed connection with your body and its messages.

Virgo brings in earth medicine to ground, center, and balance us in the physical world after all of the creative expression of Leo. Now you will see what has legs to stand, grow, and develop, and what needs to be cut off of the To Do list.

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