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Celebrity Astrology Charts

 We are all souls in human form with lessons and gifts.
Some people are just on a bigger stage with their energies.

Being in the public eye can be an important part of one's soul growth and healing. Whether it is to be influential, recognized, creative, or any other number of themes, being a celebrity on the world stage brings challenges and rewards. 

I examine and explore the following charts below with the utmost respect for each person's journey in this lifetime. Astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding the myriad of energies we all carry, regardless of fame, fortune, or fanciness. 

Prince: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces, Scorpio Ascendant

Prince, the singer, musician, and performer, had an incredible and powerful astrology chart! It makes for a great teaching example as we look at the many energies he was working with in his lifetime, including the unique planetary lineup he came in to express and share. Check it out!

Marilyn Monroe: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius, Leo Ascendant

We know her as a feminine icon of beauty, and yet Marilyn Monroe's astrology chart reveals so much more: her intelligence, Independence, strength, and the many layers of her very interesting life. Take a look at how almost all of her energy was focused on relationships and the world.

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