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Moon Phases

She Glows and Guides Us With Her Transitioning Light

In astrology, the Sun is masculine energies and the Moon is feminine energies. As these two dance together in the cosmos, they exchange energies and offer us ongoing insights through a 29-day lunar cycle that moves us forward with greater personal consciousness. 

The Sun is our life force, sense of self, and how we identify our individual talents in this life, yet the Moon reminds us that not everything is what it seems. The Moon is our feminine nature that asks us to not go too far into our ego or the external world. She reminds us to return to our intuitive messages and private world for more guidance and wisdom.  

The Moon's monthly cycle guides and flows, just as the ocean tides ebb and flow, and she invites us to tap into our inner needs, feelings, and desires on a daily basis. She is our feminine heart and true feelings that reside within; sometimes hidden and sometimes on full display. 

Trust the Moon to reveal what you need to feel and integrate each month. Her cosmic dance is filled with deep wisdom that will bring you back to your soul's messages and put you in tune with your personal truth. 

New Moons Initiate and Create

The Sun and the Moon conjoin together every 29 days or so to form a New Moon. This is the merging of the masculine (Sun) and the feminine (Moon) to initiate a new starting point of energy, direction, and creation. 

Intention is a key concept for every New Moon as this is how you direct the energy forward over the following 29 days. The sky is the darkest during a New Moon as the light of the moon is hidden and blocked during the creation process. This can be a time of clarity and focus as you put energy towards your prime intention.

As a new cycle begins, there are two weeks of driving energy that supports your creation and intention. The energy will culminate two weeks later with the Full Moon. 

A New Moon occurs once a month (except for the rare occurrence when it happens twice a month).

A New Moon happens in each astrological sign once a year. 

Full Moons Illuminate and Balance

As she voyages away from the Sun, the Moon continues to flow through six astrological signs until she reaches an opposing point to the Sun. 

The Full Moon is a time of illumination of new knowledge, perspectives, and feelings. The Moon is now reflecting back what the Sun cannot see. She shines a light on what has been hidden in the unconscious so you can embrace it consciously. 

Every Full Moon is a balancing point of energies. We are pushed to grow further based on what we have learned since the proceeding New Moon. 

The energy of a Full Moon can be potent and powerful because there is more emotional charge in the air. Feminine energy is heightened. We are gifted with the opportunity to ensure we are balanced in our yin and yang expression. 

2018 New Moons and Full Moons 


Full Moon on January 2 at 11 deg Cancer

New Moon on January 17 at

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31 at 11 deg Leo


Full Moon on March 1/2 at 11 deg Virgo

New Moon on March 17 at 27 deg Pisces

Full Moon on March 31 at 11 deg Libra


New Moon on May 15 at 24 deg Taurus

Full Moon on May 29 at 8 deg Sagittarius


New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 12 at 21 deg Cancer

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27 at 15 deg Aquarius


New Moon on September 9 at 17 deg Virgo

Full Moon on September 26 at 2 deg Aries

New Moon on November 7 at 15 deg Scorpio
Full Moon on November 23 at 0 deg Gemini


New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15


New Moon on April 15 at 24 deg Aries

Full Moon on April 29 at 9 deg Scorpio


New Moon on June 13 at 22 deg Gemini

Full Moon on June 27 at 6 deg Capricorn


New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11 at 18 deg Leo

Full Moon on August 26 at 3 deg Pisces


New Moon on October 8 at 15 deg Libra

Full Moon on October 24 at 11 deg Taurus


New Moon on December 6 at 15 deg Sagittarius

Full Moon on December 22 at 0 deg Cancer


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